Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Computer Vendetta

They're out to get me! I am back to using the public library for my "computering". My computer is currently back in the custody of Best Buy.

Not only has our own computer continued to rebel like a balky teenager and refuse to work for any length of time; but now the computers here at the library have taken up the same habits. I just spent my alloted 40 minutescatching up on email and writing a short post for this blog. I was feeling pretty good about things and attempted to post the finished piece. The belligerant machine stomped its foot and loudly declared "This page is unavailable!" Then it clearly spit in my eye and all writing disappeared from the screen.

I would not be outdone! I waited the 2 remaining minutes of my designated contract before the computer system would allow me to sign on again. I chose another available computer, cautiously approached it, complimented its face and location, smiled, and politely requested usage privileges. So here I am again. Now that I have re-written and things are going well so far, I think I will "push the envelope" a little and try to add an appropriate picture to salute the other balky machines in my checkered past.

Nope. Oh, well. I haven't been able to add pictures from my home computer for awhile either. I thought this guy was going to be more cooperative.

Okay, will I least be able to post? Or will this machine join the revolt in earnest? I believe I have the courage to click that "Publish Post" button and find out whether there is one computer brave enough to stand against its peers and cooperate with me. Are you with me?

Let's see ........


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