Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Exercise and the Lack Thereof

8 reasons Joan needs to get serious again about the Monthly Marathon (and 5 primary deterrants to doing it):
  1. All my clothes are getting too tight.

  2. I feel so much better when I am intentionally exercising. Yes, I get a lot of movement most days just by going about my business; but there is something invigorating and uplifting about walking for exercise.

  3. I did very well the first 3 months of 2006 – it is a shame to let that good foundation stand there unbuilt upon.

  4. I feel depressed much of the time. I know (intellectually and experientially) that exercise helps alleviate that; but emotions are sometimes stronger than intellect and intention.
  5. My DH needs the exercise too -- and he won't do it if I don't.
  6. I lost 109 pounds four years ago and have gained back more than 30 of those. This trend has to stop.
  7. I want live to see my grandchildren grow up -- and I want to be healthy enough to enjoy spending time with them.
  8. I have to be strong and energetic enough to finish packing, move, and get unpacked when we start settling into a new home.

My primary deterrants are:

  1. periodic depression
  2. too much interest in blogging
  3. packing
  4. general lethargy
  5. house-hunting with its related phone calls and contacts

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