Thursday, February 23, 2006

Imagine This

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Imagination Challenges for My Imaginary Friends

We have a tendency to think of imagination as belonging to the domain of the child. Imaginary fears and imaginary friends are childhood staples. When our son was 4 or 5 years old he had an imaginary friend. Chuck was the one who got the blame when our son continued jumping off the back of the sofa after repeated instructions to stop doing so. That naughty Chuck pushed him, you know. Our son pictured this event happening. He IMAGINED it.

But imagining is NOT strictly an activity for children. Imagination is part of the adult world as well. The first step to accomplishing any goal is imagining that goal already accomplished. To state that idea another way: Imagining is the beginning of realizing (making real). I challenge you today, Thursday 13ers and other readers, to take some time to IMAGINE …..

  1. Imagine what life can be! Close your eyes. Imagine it. What CAN your life be?
  2. Imagine living your chosen life. Imagine really living the life you have always wanted. Imagine designing your life the way you want it to be. Imagine living to meet your own goals.
  3. Imagine living in love. Think about what love is. Perfect love is without fear. God is love. Now actually IMAGINE living in love. Can you imagine it?
  4. Imagine loving yourself just as you are. Really loving yourself. Remember loving involves accepting; it means being willing to sacrifice to provide the long-term, ultimate, best for the object of the love. IMAGINE loving yourself Just. As. You. Are. Imagine being willing to do whatever it takes to provide what is best (in the long run, ultimately) for YOU.
  5. Imagine accepting others just as they are. Really picture yourself accepting some difficult other person - Just. As. He/she. Is. What is your marriage like in this imaginary world?
  6. Imagine filling your day with activities that nourish your soul. Few of us would dream of going all day without nourishing and exercising our bodies. Imagine nourishing and exercising your soul each day. How “buff” is your soul? Have you read or done something today to nourish your spirit?
  7. Imagine challenging your intellect with your choices. Picture yourself making choices that challenge you to really think. Imagine yourself making a thoughtful choice.
  8. Imagine a world where each person assumes the good intentions of others. Did someone slight you? Maybe it was an oversight – not intentional. Maybe he wasn’t taught thoughtful manners as a child. Maybe she just doesn’t know better. Maybe he is dealing with problems at home. Imagine that you can accept this because you assume he had good intentions. Were you rude to a co-worker? Imagine that this colleague is not offended because he assumes you meant no harm. He/she doesn’t get hurt feelings; there is no change in your relationship. Can you imagine a world that fits into these parameters?
  9. Imagine feeling safe and loved every day. Imagine what your behavior would be like if you felt truly safe and completely and unconditionally loved every minute of every day.
  10. Imagine giving that security to those you love. Imagine the joy, gratitude, and harmony this would bring to your relationships.
  11. Imagine your escape. Can you imagine what life would be like without that negative friend or without that situation that is stifling you emotionally or physically? Imagine escaping your limitations and choosing the circumstances of your life.
  12. Imagine enjoying everything you do. Can you imagine finding some sliver of joy (or satisfaction and peace) in every activity of your day?

    IMAGINE – it is the beginning of realizing (making real) the goal. Can you imagine it? If you can imagine it, you can realize it.

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