Monday, February 06, 2006

Entertainers' Georgia Connections

This is another post aimed at my Georgia readers. What is the Georgia connection to these past and present entertainers? Can you match the person with the connection"? A few of these overlap with the quiz I posted last week.

1. Kim Basinger
2. Joanne Woodward
3. Travis Tritt
4. Oliver Hardy
5. Gladys Knight
6. Johnny Mercer
7. Susan Hayward
8. Burt Reynolds
9. Rosey Grier
10.Julia Roberts

a. born in Harlem, GA over 100 years ago; became a famous comedian.
b. born in Savannah, GA; became a famous composer.
c. born in Waycross; starred in a TV series in the 70's.
d. born in Athen, GA; bought the town of Braselton in 1989.
e. grew up in Smyrna, GA.
f. GA-born pro football player of the 1970's
g. born in Atlanta, GA; won the Ted Mack Amateur Hour at age 8.
h. once lived in Carrollton, GA.
i.born in Thomasville, GA.; became an academy-award winning actress.
j. grew up in Marietta, GA; became the youngest member of the Grand Ol' Oprey in 1992.

ANSWERS: Don't peek until you have given it a try!
1.d 2.i 3.j 4.a 5.g 6.b 7.h 8.c 9.f 10.e

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