Friday, January 06, 2006

A Triple-Topic Post

In this post, Terrell of Alone on a Limb made fun of my weirdness (given in repsonse to being tagged for a meme on the topic) and suggeseted that I need to join him and others of his aquaintance in a blogging addiction support group. In keeping with the customary response of addicts throughout the ages, I just have this to say about that, "I can quit anytime I want."

In this same post, Terrell gets more serious and gives some startling statistics in rebuttal to a couple of posts about gun control, mostly in a long quote from the book Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis by former president Jimmy Carter. For those who want to read and actually consider both sides of an issue, Terrell's good, honest, reasonable and informative post is a good place to start on this topic.

Terrell also owns and operates Grand Trivia, which I visit daily and sometimes even win. Terrell is a native Georgian and loyal Southerner, so many of his trivia questions deal with little-known facts about our great state and region. Click on over and see if you know today's trivia question.

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