Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen -- things I just don't get!

There are so many variations in humanity! I'm sure you don't always understand why I do what I do or why I like what I like; but today I am going to list 13 things that Joan just doesn't get....

1…. rap, hip-hop, or whatever it's being called this morning. Don't these two labels name the same noise? Are there any distinctions between these two terms? And, BTW, why do they call it MUSIC? Also, can it only be played at jet-engine volume? And must it always be accompanied by the imbecilic facial expression and the obscene hand gestures and body language?

6.... people who take 1/4 to 1/2 mile to get into a turn lane. They drive slower and slower with the back half of their vehicle blocking the regular lane until they come to a near stand-still at the driveway into which they intend to turn. The whole purpose of the turn lane is to avoid blocking the regular lanes. Get in the turn lane, folks! If you plan to turn, get in the freakin' turn lane!

7.... "no problem" as a response to "Thank you." The appropriate response is, "You're welcome." In most cases I didn't expect it to be a "problem"; I was just being courteous.

8.... parents who expect a teacher to manage their child's behavior in a classroom (when the child is surrounded by 25-30 other children) even though THOSE SAME PARENTS can't or don't control the child's behavior at home, in stores, or in restaurants where the ratio is one:one!

9.... parents who, with a sincere concerned-parent facial expression, tell the teacher that their child has "always made all A's and B's before this year" . Don't they know that the teacher can look up the child's record and SEE all those C's, D's, and F's the child has made in the past?

10.... parents who make a sociopath out of their very own offspring by teaching him/her from the very beginning that:

  • the child is NEVER at fault
  • the child NEVER makes a mistake
  • WHATEVER the child does or produces is wonderful even if no effort whatsoever was put into the project
  • ANYTHING the child wants should be granted to him/her -- no matter the emotional, educational, physical, or financial cost to anyone else
  • NOTHING will be expected of him/her
  • anyone who disagrees with the child in any way is just plain stupid

11....computers that insist on inputting "you" when I clearly intend to type "your" . I don't get why it won't it put on the screen what I mean. These machines work to outwit the spellchecker.

12.....busy people owning pets. Sorry, animal lovers, but I just don't get why anyone would invest so much money, work and emotional energy to house an animal who is home alone while the owner works, plays, travels, etc.

13....why I can't remember all the other profound mysteries of life while I am sitting at the computer keyboard.

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