Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Creative Writing

Bubbles in My Head reminded me of a creative writing activity I used in many variations in the classroom; and I thought, "Hey, that could be interesting on Daddy's Roses." We will use the one from Bubbles today -- another variation another day.

Here are the parameters of your assignment:

  1. Write a sentence or two using the following words.
  2. All the words must be used.
  3. Other words may be added as needed.
  4. Verbs may be conjugated as you wish (any tense may be used).
  5. Word play is allowed, even encouraged.
  6. Post your sentence(s) in the comments.
  7. Your words for this assignment are:
  • lunge
  • umbrella
  • heave
  • elephant
  • stormy
You may begin.

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