Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Green Eggs and WHAT??!!

Another post I really enjoyed yesterday was this one at A Few Minutes with Robin and Andy. Andy posted about some observations that he and his son, Luke, made while reading Dr. Seuss's famous children's book, Green Eggs and Ham.

Now between parenting two children, teaching hundreds of children, and grandparenting 6 of the little angels, I have read/heard read/looked at Green Eggs and Ham literally HUNDREDS of times! I had noticed a couple of the oddities that Andy mentioned in this post; but I had most definitely NOT noticed most of them. I don't claim to be a very observant person, and I know that I tend to focus only on the story and don't notice pictures much; but HOW could I possible have been this totally unobservant? Check this out and see how your powers of observation rate.

HT to A Few Minutes with Robin and Andy and The Burning Hearts Revolution

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