Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Busy Times

I am having a hard time being near the computer enough to get my blogread in every day. And without my blogread, how can I possibly find anything to write about??

I spent Monday keeping three of my grandchildren. Their parents, both principals, had to work; but school did not start back for the children until Tuesday. We had a great day together. The children and I, in our shirtsleeves, went for a walk around their neighborhood before lunch. We did a little light housekeeping and some delivering children to ball practices. We had a wonderful time together cooking supper. We played basketball in the driveway during the early afternoon, and stood in the yard talking to neighbors until nearly dark.

The weather Monday is a perfect example of why I LOVE living in Georgia. Say the date January 9th and one immediately imagines -- cold, possibly snow, heavy jackets, rushing into and out of the house with shoulders hunched and arms pulled in to conserve warmth. Not so in the beautiful American South! I never turned on the TV, radio, or computer, so I don't know what the temperature was; but it must have been in the high 60's. It was like an early Spring day. Magnificent!! My three super grandchildren and I had a wonderful outdoorsy day in sunny Joygia.

I got to spend the night and have a good visit with my mother Monday night and Tuesday morning. Then I spent the entire day shopping for furniture, making business phone calls, and painting. It was a solitary day, much of it spent in the car alone or in a house empty not only of people but also of furniture. I got a lot done, but I arrived home last night completely out of energy and feeling out of touch with the news as well as blogospheric goings-on.

Today I will be gone all day to a workshop -- am leaving in a few minutes. I hope to have time to post tonight and report my monthly marathon progress.

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