Monday, December 05, 2005

Today I Am 40!

I wish I could go back and redo my post from November 24th, in which I announced my age. I just got a much better idea from reading a post by Some Geek in Tennessee. He wrote:

I'm 25 today!Honest! Of course, I decided my age has I nicer ring to it if I express it using a base 16 numbering system. So what I have told you is true... from a certain point of view. Yeah I didn't buy it when Obi-Wan said it either. But if our politicians have taught me anything, it's to always present things in the best possible light and stand firm even when what I am saying appears to be an outright lie.

By that reasoning I could change my post to say: "Today I am 40." Okay, I'll take it!!!


Terrell said...

The only thing about the base-16 system is that it makes my age 3T which sounds like some sort of clothing size rather than an age! :-)

Joan said...

I thought it was 3A -- are the letter designations optional?