Thursday, December 08, 2005

Potty Post

I know you will think I have completely lost my sense of refinement and dignity with this post. I am sorry. I will, in the immediate future, attempt to reclaim my reputation as a blog with serious and thought-worthy content. I will soon revert to my typical edifying blog-content. But today, blinking away tears, I have to ask you this: Have you ever sat in a room alone and laughed aloud until you cried? I did this morning.

If you would like to start, or continue as the case may be, your day in a similar manner, just go to Mother Tongue Annoyances, a blog I read every day. This blogger, Tim, usually deals with issues of grammar, punctuation, and literary expression. Yesterday, however, his post was entitled Public Restroom Etiquette Part II. In it he refers to a previous post entitled, predictably, Public Restroom Etiquette Part I. It would make sense to read the two posts in order, but actually sequence doesn't seem to matter.

This writer's use of language is what makes the post so entertaining. He should consider contacting professional comedians to apply for a writing job. He closes this post with these words, which explain in part why I am linking to his post rather than actually quoting on this site his funny lines.

Hey, readers, I apologize for the especially high raunch factor of today’s post. Please note that I do not write for "shock value." My blog posts arise from an amalgam of personal inspiration and intimate conversations with close friends, family members, and associates.
Tim also linked to an article that was responsible for my having to hurry to change my undies before venturing out this morning. This hilarious related piece is on the blog Witt and Wisdom. It is an old post from 2003 entitled More Restroom Etiquette. This post, while decidedly heavy in the "raunch factor" as Tim called it, was masterfully funny.

For more entertainment and enlightenment, check out the International Center for Bathroom Etiquette. No, I'm serious here. There really IS a site with this name!

For another link, read Male Restroom Etiquette on the site, Everything2.

Well, enough for this "Potty Post." Perhaps this topic was especially funny to me today because I have a consultation tomorrow to schedule a colonosopy. Remember Daddy's Roses will resume sedate posting another day.

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