Friday, October 21, 2005

Html Codes

I spent SEVERAL hours today trying to learn HTML. My blog template had somehow got messed up so that the sidebar started where the main column ended. I tried everything I could think of. I went through a 7-lesson tutorial on HTML to try to understand the template so I could fix it. Finally tonight I just picked a new template and redid all the edits I have done since I started the blog on September 8. What a major pain!

So ---- ta da--------Ladies and Gentlemen ------ I am proud to present a whole new look for Daddy's Roses! (drum roll)


Carol said...

I like your new template. I'm sorry I wasn't any more help! Isn't it amazing how much time one can spend on something like this! It looks great!

Lyn said...

You cherish your success of getting HTML conquered because of your failures at first! I'm glad you took the risk and overcame the challenge!
I like the new look!

Beth said...

I like the new look too - and I hate html. I forget everything I learn about it in between whenever I need to use it for something and have to learn it again.

Oh well - keeps the mind sharp :)