Friday, October 21, 2005

Cruise to the Panama Canal

We're going on a cruise! (Of course, as I write I am not sure that Cozumel - our planned first port - will still be there! And it is yet to be seen whether Wilma will leave Fort Lauderdale cruiseship docks usable.) For over 8 months we have had this reservation made; we thought the time was NEVER going to come! The hubby is so way overdue for his vacation! We fly out of Atlanta about noon Tuesday, and if all goes well, we will set sail on the Coral Princess from Fort Lauderdale about 5:00 PM Tuesday night. We hope to visit Cozumel; Georgetown, Grand Cayman; Puerto Limon, Costa Rica; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; and, of course, the Panama Canal. I intend to write a brief journal entry each night during the cruise, so come along!


Greta said...

How exiting!

Ruth said...

Enjoying your PLOG> Have a great cruise. Hopefully Wilma will have done her time by Tuesday,

Carol said...

I hope everything works out and your cruise goes perfectly. I enjoy a cruise - it's so relaxing, and you both deserve it!

Jane Ann said...

Have a ball. I am sure that Jim needs the getaway (as do you). Pastors tend to take care of everyone else and forget that they need renewal too! I am envious.

lil sis said...

I hope Wilma doesn't spoil your vacation. I have a feeling Cozumel may not be as it was the last time you were there!

We stayed at the Mayan Riveria when we were in Mexico last year (or was it two years ago??). Just north of Playa del Carman - Wilma has been stalled there for a couple of days - I imagine it's not the same right now.

Looking forward you taking the trip with you!!! Write often and give details!