Sunday, October 23, 2005

Cozumel or Aruba?

Well, we are still uncertain what our travel plans are. The travel agent told us tonight that our cruise will definitely not be going to Cozumel after all -- DUH! She thinks that the cruise line will probably substitute Aruba, reversing the planned route and covering about the same distance total.

The bigger question at this moment is: Will the Fort Lauderdale airport be open and ready for us to fly into it Tuesday morning? After Wilma makes landfall Monday morning, we can check their website and see if they are operating on schedule. If so, we leave home about 6:30 Tuesday morning for our 8:30 flight. Go easy on us, Wilma!


Carol said...

I hope everything works out so you'll have a wonderful cruise. Have fun, relax, and enjoy it. Love you!

Ruth said...

Aruba? Isn't that where Natalee Holiway disappeared. Don't do partying with any arubans