Monday, October 24, 2005

"at your age"

I am hearing those three title words more and more lately.

I had an appointment with the ophthamologist this morning. I had neglected my checkups for a couple of years, so it had been three years since I last had my eyes checked. As far a vision goes, I checked out with near-perfect 20/20 distance vision and the same correction for reading that I have had for several years. The need for reading glasses is typical, I am told , "at your age."

I have long prided myself (did I hear 'pride goeth before a fall'?) on seeming somewhat younger than other people my age -- fewer meds, better general health, more physical strength for lifting and carrying, more energy, basically positive attitude, perhaps younger looking and acting in some ways. I DO, after all, drive a pick-up truck and have multiple ear-piercings!

Well, today I added a few catch-phrases that are more typical of my age than "pickup truck" and "piercings." The doc says that I have the beginnings of cataracts (oh, my! that word makes me sound OLD!) Cataracts, he says, are to be expected "at your age." And, to add insult to injury, he says that I am under suspicion (his words) for glaucoma! The pressure in my eyes is normal, but there is an irregularity in the optic nerves that could signal the beginning of glaucoma.

I had to resist the temptation to tell the young doc as I left, "Your explanations were pretty vague and poorly-stated -- but that's to be expected AT YOUR AGE."


Ruth said...

I laughed and loved your last wonderful comment! You should have told the was to be expected, "at his age".
In fact, what a wonderful thought that EVERY AGE does have it's special expectations.
Have a very special spite of the hurricane problem... and your advanced age....

Beth said...