Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Break

Our four youngest grandchildren will attend their orientation sessions for the new school year tomorrow -- and next week is their last week of school-day freedom!  It doesn't seem possible that the summer break is already almost over.  About this same time of the year a few years ago, just as the stores began their "back to school" sales push, a blog called Three-Word Wednesday challenged other bloggers to write "something" using these three words:  endless, ought, and shadow. Reflecting on the shortness of the Summer break, I wrote:


The first of June arrived today
Nipping at the heels of May.
Hoards of children, newly free,
See summer days stretch endlessly...

Summer camps; friends' sleepovers;
Hunting for four-leaf clovers;
Pick-up games in the yard;
Marshmallows nicely charred.

Who was that hurrying by?
I think I recognized July.
She rushed by and left no shadow
While we were playing in the meadow.

August looms; still we caper.
Back-to-school sales fill the paper.
Wonder who'll be in my class?
Not my friend Jenny - she didn't pass.

Hair is cut. Supplies are bought;
School is starting, as it ought.
Here I go. I'm on my way!
A brand new school year starts today!


Carol said...

I love the poem. I must've missed it when you published it before. Summers DO go by much too quickly, but then all the seasons do.

Norma said...

Very nice. I always loved the start of the school year.