Monday, September 12, 2011

1776 by David McCullough

17761776 by David McCullough
My rating: 5 stars

It had been at least 50 years since I studied anythiing relating to the Revolutionary War, so I began reading 1776 (upon recommendation by by brother)wondering if I even had the background to understand it. I found it a highly-readable narrative of the events of that year in American history. It was replete with quotes from the diaries and letters of the famous and relatively-unknown men who fought that fight for our freedom. I was interested to read of battle strategies and found the personal glimpses of historical figures fascinating. Particularly interesting to me were the letters giving the on-the-scene evaluations of completed battles. Time and history have given new perspective to many of these. Time does alter perception - and it is possible to be too close to a situation to accurately evaluate it. Overall, this is an excellent book. all my reviews

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Norma said...

I loved this book!