Thursday, March 17, 2011

Further Adventures of Wilma and Eli

Wilma's 9-year-old son is a delightful child. He is a creative thinker and analyst. And, like his grandmother (me), he loves to use new vocabulary. Tonight he confided to his mother that he felt "conflicted." When she asked him why, he replied, "Wipeout and Harry Potter are on TV at the very same time tonight!"

Earlier today, as they were reading together, the subject of pigs came up. He commented to his mom, "You know, I've touched a real pig before." Of course, she asked what the pig felt like when he touched it. He replied, "It was soft -- like this chair. No, that's not it. It was soft UNDERNEATH but a little fuzzy on the top -- like your legs!!"

Wednesday he confided to his sisters that his favorite day of the week is Wednesday. They were curious, so he continued, "It's sausage and biscuit day for school breakfast - AND it is my day to sit in the front seat in the car (they take turns riding shotgun.) - And it is the night that the best TV shows come on."

One day last week, Eli told Wilma that they were studying family histories in Social Studies. He asked, "I need to know what my "hair tidge" is." At her raised eyebrows, he continued, "You know, are we German or something?" The word "heritage" will pop in more conversations soon!

As the family drove home from a long basketball practice recently, Eli yawned. Then he said, "Good Morning, Judge! Oh, wait a minute. What's a 'good morning judge'? Is it a hiccup? a burp? A yawn or what?"

I love that child!


Ruth said...

I love that child too, I especially got a big laugh about the "conflicted..."

Carol said...

So funny! Hey - I love that child, too!

Terrell said...

What a character!

Just Me said...

I love hearing children's thoughts! Sometimes they are profound and sometimes just downright funny!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful tidbits from Eli!!!

Just Me said...

Just so you know, Joan, the previous comment is me...Jane!!!