Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quote from Pardonable Lies by Jacqueline Winspear

I found this book only marginably interesting, but I found one passage worth sharing. I would like to edit for a little more exactness of expression and preciseness of meaning, and the message may be pretty standard fare for a mystic, but overall, the quote is worthwhile. The main character, Sleuth Maisie Dobbs is meeting with her spiritual mentor, and he says: "My Child, when a mountain appears on the journey, we try to go to the left, then to the right; we try to find the easy way to navigate our way back to the easier path. But the mountain is there to be crossed. It is on that pilgrimage, as we climb higher, that we are forced to shed the layers upon layers that we have carried for so long. Then we find our load lighter and we have come to know something of ourselves in the perilous climb. Do not seek to avoid the mountain, my child, for it has been placed there at a perfect time. It wil only become larger if you seek to delay or draw back from the ascent."

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Nemo said...

Love that quote!
It's something I came to accept this past week. Changing things in my life!

I found your blog through links on the Sunday Seven site. What happened to the Meme? Is it no longer going on? I've been out of the blog world for 2 years so was surprised to see that also the meme hasn't been updated since 2008

Have a great week!