Friday, October 30, 2009

Susanna Wesley - Raising Responsible Kids

I've always admired Susanna Wesley, the mother of John and Charles Wesley and 14 other children. She purportedly devoted one uninterrupted hour each week to each of her children. This week I read another article about her mothering style. Here are the 16 rules for her household (edited by my obsessive-compulsive need to organize and categorize.)

Rules for Children:

  1. Do not eat between meals
  2. Be in bed by 8 PM
  3. Take any medicine without complaining
  4. Be still during family worship
  5. Preserve property rights, even in the smallest matters
  6. Strictly observe all promises

Parental Policies:

  1. Teach children to fear the rod
  2. Require no daughter to work before she can read
  3. Commend any attempt to please, even if poorly performed
  4. Comment upon and reward good behavior
  5. Never punish a child twice for a single offense
  6. Never allow a sinful act to go unpunished
  7. Punish no fault which is first confessed and repented of
  8. Give a child nothing that he cries for and only that when asked for politely
  9. Teach a child to pray as soon as he can speak
  10. Subdue self-will in a child

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