Friday, March 27, 2009

Love Walked In by Marisa De Los Santos

I sincerely hope that Marisa de Los Santos is not a "one hit wonder" of an author. Love Walked In was her first novel, published in 2005. It is a heart-warming love story - about not only romantic love, but also about family love and the love between friends. It is almost a fairy tale. But what made the book appeal to me so strongly, in addition to the storyline, is the use of language. De Los Santos is a masterful user of the language.

Here are some examples:

"...but I took that word 'boyfriend', folded it right up and tucked it in my back pocket to think about another time."

"...remember awhile ago when I said...? Backspace. Delete."

"I made my way over to him, wading through the swamp of shame I'd created and into the murky depths of which I deserved to be sucked down and forever lost, and I took his hand and begged for forgiveness as I had never begged before."

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