Friday, February 06, 2009

All at Sea .... again

Lots of ship motion from 4:00 Am onward. It doesn’t look rough out, not storming, but the water is rough. Water doesn’t look rough either.

Ø Breakfast at 9:50 was incredibly crowded – food was cold by the time we found a table.
Ø It is a little chilly outside today
Ø To library to donate books and magazines, to Wheelhouse for Trivia (room almost full with groups of 5 or 6) – I played alone and scored only 8 out of 20.
Ø To Crooners for Scattergories. I played with a British couple and a couple from Indiana. Bob and Nancy and Jim and Liz.
Ø To Internet Café; computers were v-e-r-y s-l-o-w today. I checked email, CaringBridge, info on Eleuthera
Ø Met Jim for lunch. He’s not feeling well.
Ø Listened to IPod and napped a little then went back up to 15 for tea and a cheese/roll snack
Ø Shower, cleanup. Jim to dinner; Joan back to internet café to use up the rest of my 250 minutes
Ø Comedian Jim McDonald again
Ø Pizza on deck 15
Ø Paperwork for end of cruise (immigration, evaluations, tips, etc.)

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