Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm "all at sea"

We slept late then had breakfast in the Horizon Court.

I went to a morning ballroom dance class; the dance of the day was the Cha-cha.

After the dance class, I just wandered around the ship stopping when I heard or saw something that interested me. I watched a little bit of a towel-folding exhibition and some of a fruit/vegetable-carving demo. I sat in a couple of lounges and listened to music. I stopped by the library and picked up the day’s puzzles to do later. I sat on deck 15 beside a pool at the back of the ship and read and wrote for awhile.

I napped, showered, and changed for dinner.

Jim and I went up to the “movie under the stars”. They were showing Dark Knight. It was chilly in the night air and I couldn’t get into the movie, so I left early.

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