Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - Whitetail Deer

I just went for a morning walk around our neighborhood. By the time I had a light jacket (for the morning chill), a bottle of water (I'm never without one), my reading glasses (ya never know when you might need to actually SEE something closeup), my sunglasses, my cellphone (don't leave home without it!), my ipod (listening to a novel keeps me walking), and some tissues, I decided against also hanging the camera around my neck. Mistake!

As I walked my two mile track winding around nearby short lightly-traveled streets, I found myself in a stand-off with a group of 5 deer. They obviously wanted to go where I had just been. They stood back and warily watched me approach. I veered from my planned route at the intersection in order to give them a wide berth and not further concern them. As soon as I turned in the opposite direction, I could almost hear their sigh of relief and their leader turned and signaled them that it was now safe to continue on their way. They had bravely stood their ground and let me approach to within about 50 feet apparently aware that I could make a turn in the opposite direction when I got to the street. They ran behind a house and peered around the corner at me to be sure I was continuing to put distance between them and me. What an opportunity for a picture I missed.

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Lyn said...

What a nice treat for your morning walk!