Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sunday Seven - 46th Edition

Today I am listing 7 activities of my grandchildren that I have participated in, observed, enjoyed, or otherwise experienced this week (in a few cases, the activities are upcoming.)

1. Our fifteen-year-old granddaughter spent part of the day with me Wednesday when she had to be out of school with a high fever. She slept most of the time, but I enjoyed having her here. After her doctor said that she did NOT have the flu, she went with me to my daughter's house (2 hours away) to visit overnight Wednesday night. We had a wonderful trip together. My daughter (her aunt), she and I had such fun together in the vehicle -- good talk about values and standards, lots of laughs about the antics of my daughter's students, and great bonding time. She inherited the quick wit of my DH, like her dad and aunt did. She can be an enchanting conversationalist. Then we had a good day together Thursday while everybody else was at school or work. I haven't had that much opportunity to spend time with her in years.

2. Thursday night I had the marvelous privilege to go to PTO with my daughter to see her middle child, my sweet Nat, perform in the school talent show. There were 16 acts that were chosen at audition, and she and her two friends made the cut. They wore Hannah Montana pajamas, carried big fluffy heart pillows and sang a HM song while pretending a sleepover and pillow fight. They choreographed it themselves and did a great job.

3. I got to meet Beautiful Bre's teacher at the talent show. She was extremely complimentary of my granddaughter, which of course endeared her to me. It is such a blessing when children love their teachers and the teachers appreciate the child's uniqueness. We have been blessed with some wonderful teachers for our grandchildren.

4. Today we will attend two ballgames played by 13-year-old Doc's traveling basketball team. I am looking forward to that. He is the ball-handler who brings the ball down the court, and it is fun to watch him dribble behind his back and between his legs, bounce a pass through the competition to a teammate, or make a long 3-pointer when he is open to do so. He is short for a basketball player but incredibly agile and fast (like his dad was.)

5. Today also our sweet currently-sick Rae's high school basketball team plays in the first game of the state tournament. They won the regional competition last week. Rae is the only freshman on the varsity team, so she doesn't play a lot and, of course, will not play today since she is still running a fever. But, as you can imagine, as regional champs, their games inspire a lot of community enthusiasm and are always well-attended, exciting and LOUD.

6. Tonight at 6:00 our son's youngest child, nine-year-old Aggie, will compete in a beauty pageant. I will try to post some pics later this week. I wrote earlier about her trying on her dress for us. Tonight she will have on shoes and her hair will be combed (not to mentioned professionally coiffed!), so she might look a little fancier than she did in our living room barefoot and sporting bedhead!

7. Baby E, no longer a baby but the youngest of our grandchildren, is the most incredibly independent thinker and a math genius. He's in first grade and has his own plans for his extracurricular activites. He stated a couple of years ago that he was going to play soccer first, then basketball, then football. He did the soccer season and the basketball season, but he didn't want to repeat either one until he did the football thing; so he is waiting for football season to roll around again before he gets involved in another sport. He really enjoyed his season of the first two sports and did well at them, but he has his plan and he's stickin' to it! So we're getting a little bit of a spectating break courtesy of his plan!

Update: Here are a couple of pics from the pageant tonight:


Norma said...

Sounds like you're having a good time. They are so lucky!

Jane said...

What wonderful times. I am so looking forward to doing these things with Zoe.
Aggie is so pretty. How did she do in the pageant???

Carol said...

How sweet! I couldn't even tell the photo was of Aggie until I saw the closeup of her face! I've never seen her with her hair up! Great times with the grandkids.

Joan said...

I guess I forgot to mention that Aggie won first runner up in her division (14 contestants). Her trophy says "First Place". This is her 3rd pageant and her 3rd First Runner Up trophy!

Ruth said...

Congratulations Aggie!!!! Wonderful pictures of a beautiful precious girl , inside as well as outside...