Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Year of the Cleavage - Just a Tempest in a C-Cup?

A couple of Aprils ago, my husband flew to Florida to visit his ailing mother. On every leg of his trip there and back, the planes were loaded with high school and college age kids on Spring Break. He commented when he got home, "This must be the year of the belly button. I have seen a lifetime's worth of 'em in the last few days!" Well, that "year" lasted awhile; indeed, vestiges of belly button exhibitionism are still with us.

However for the last year or so, the belly button has diminished in fashion prominence, and we have begun celebrating the Year of the Cleavage! This "year" also promises to last several years: but here in January 2008, it is in full bloom (pardon me! I couldn't resist.) It isn't even Spring, but it IS busting out all over! A walk through the mall has one seeing "golden globes" at every turn, just as the guy in the cellphone commercial sees "bars" everywhere he looks. Fat, thin, old, young, of any ethnicity, women's assets are spilling out of their top garments in bold fashion statements. Some offer only a quiet greeting to those who are closely observing; others are standing right out there and boldly demanding, "Hey, you! Look at me!"

In July 2007 the media was all in a tizzy over cleavage supposedly shown in the senate by the Dem Darling, HC. I don't know about you, but that was DEFINITELY a tempest in a B-Cup! Get over it, news reporters, women have breasts! They can't always be completely covered and hidden away as if they don't exist. If I were she, I'd be more unhappy about the severe facial expression in the photo than the nearly imperceptible hint of bosom that the photo shows!"

In November 2007, the Brits were all agog over cleavage being displayed in their solemn House of Commons. Admittedly, Theresa May, in this photo (left), could have made a more flattering clothes choice on this day. And she, like Ms Clinton, looks not only severe but possibly ill.

During the same period of time, another British Legislative Lady, Jaqui Smith, made the news with her display of cleavage in the House of Commons.

But lest the American Media lead us to believe that the political types have a monopoly on the fashion trend of Cleavage Display, take a look at the photo of Katie Couric that jumped off the cover of the AARP magazine recently! (And this clothing choice was made to be photographed in - unlike the ladies mentioned above who were simply working - doing the jobs they are paid to do.) AND Katie has the shoulder positioned just so -- the better to push the goods to the fore.
Of course Hollyweird types have always celebrated any year that offers opportunities to display any part of their anatomies for the admiration of the Celebritologists who read religiously about them and look for pictures of them. I will paste in one pic of the typical posed shot that people actually pay to view. Here is Scarlett Johansson thrilling her fans with a cleavage shot. By the way, do you see the little skin-colored band under her arm, apparently there to provide some support for the main attraction. What exactly IS that band?
I don't have a point in this little essay; I'm just making an observation. All these thoughts just coalesced in my head this morning when I attempted to wear my new V-necked shirt and realized that I don't own a bra low-cut enough to wear the shirt. I'm just sayin'.......


Lyn said...

I just walked in the door from work and laughed out loud reading your post! Today, I wore a shirt that I haven't worn often and tugged at the neck line of it all day. I felt like it was too low cut to lean over the reading table toward a bunch of 6-year-old children! What funny timing!

Jane said...

This is such a HOOT! You gave me quite a chuckle this morning!
I will agree that Miss May looks somewhat disappointed by her cleavage! She is probably thinking, "I should have worn the OTHER blouse."

Anonymous said...

Theresa May, I'd fuck her.