Friday, January 25, 2008

Sunday Seven - 42nd Edition

It is amazing how much more quickly the weekend comes around now that I am (at least in name) retired! The Friday night ballgames are over, our Saturday travel is planned, and Sunday is just around the corner. So I am going to get my Sunday Seven posted early. There are so many blessings in our lives! The most important ones continue from week to week; but since it would be boring to list the same ones each week; let's just let previous listing do for those and move on to blessings specific to this past week.

1. I only had to cook a couple of meals all week! As the quirky plaque says, "I only have a kitchen because it came with the house."

2. We aren't totally drowning in the dust yet! The house is desperately in need of a good dusting and vacuuming, but I would SO much rather be netsurfing, writing and reading. I'm considering renaming my sudoku books "dusting", so when someone calls and asks what I am doing, I can say, "Oh, just doing a little dusting."

3. In her basketball game tonight, our oldest granddaughter wore one of the protective headbands I ordered on the internet for her . She is 15 years old and has had 3 concussions in the last three years. Basketball is much rougher than it used to be. She really didn't want to wear the headband, but her parents told her she had to wear one. They look just like regular sweatbands, so they are much better than the helmet her daddy thought about ordering. Interestingly, she had to have a note from the doctor to wear a headband of any sort in a game. The rules say that the players have to be dressed exactly alike! The referrees challenged her on it at the Junior Varsity game and again before the Varsity game. It is a good thing her doctor faxed a note stating the medical necessity.

4. We're going to get to see one of Nat's basketball games tomorrow. This is her first year to play, and we have not been to one of her games yet; so I am looking forward to that. We have seen several games of the other three grandchildren who play the sport because they live in the same town as we do.

5. I did get one closet cleaned out and a large bag of clothes removed and taken to the Salvation Army store this week. I have several more closets to go through, but at least I have made a dent in the job.

6. My DH is enjoying his "part-time" job which started this month. He is working pretty much fulltime so far, but much of that time is getting an office set up and getting settled in.

7. According to my opthamologist, I have some of the healthiest eyes FOR MY AGE that he's ever seen and it was a pleasure for him to see them!

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Carol said...

What a cool headband! I had never seen those before. Great idea!