Friday, November 16, 2007

Orangestad, Aruba

Orangestad, Aruba:
As Aruba’s main harbor is only 5 minutes from the Oranjestad downtown area, passengers can easily walk to the shopping area, centering on Main Street and Bay area streets.

Visitors will find a wide variety of merchandise in attractive surroundings at affordable prices. In Oranjestad major Shopping Centers are Seaport Mall and Seaport Marketplace, Port of Call Marketplace, Royal Plaza Mall, Bayside Mall, Strada Mall, Aventura Mall, Kwihi Marketplace, Alhambra Shopping Bazaar and off course Mainstreet Oranjestad.
For those passengers concentrating their shore activities on the beach, the main bus terminal is 3 minutes walking distance from the Cruise Terminal. One of the first beaches you will encounter on your beach hopping journey is the “Druif Beach”, a broad stretch of white sand, located adjacent to Manchebo Beach Resort. The so-called Eagle Beach is located further north. A variety of water sports are available. The Palm Beach is located about 4 miles further to the north. Moomba Beach is located on Palm Beach, next to the Holiday Inn. Cruise guests may use all the club’s facilities. Malmok Beach is an ideal spot for snorkel fans that will enjoy plenty of fishes in the shallow waters. Arashi Beach is the last sandy beach to the north of the island. Arashi Beach is within sight of the California Light House, one of Aruba’s frequently visited tourist attractions. Close to the Queen Beatrix Airport you will find Surfside Beach and the Havana Beach Club where you will find facilities too.

Sightseeing is a must! You can rent a car and venture out on your own or take one of the many tours available to you. Some of the main attractions to see are the Natural Bridge, ruin of gold mills of Balashi and Bushiribana, Fontein Cave and Arikok, both with Indian drawings, Rock formations of Ayo and Casibari, historical graves, Tunnel of Love and much more. Or you can combine your favorite activities with Drive and ride jeep and horseback combination tours.

A wide range of dining and entertainment facilities are within walking distance from the ship’s mooring area. Information on these facilities can be obtained at the information center in the cruise terminal or during office hours at the Tourist Bureau.

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