Friday, November 30, 2007

EXECUTE the British teacher in Sudan who allowed her class to name bear Muhammed???

British teacher's sentence was too light? How can any human being manage to WARP his/her mind around this? I especially found it interesting that the article was written by a man named Mohammed. Those of us who live in civilized countries take our freedom of speech waaaay too lightly!


Carol said...

You'll get the Kool-aid drinkers who will assure you that Islam is a religion of peace and that it's only the FEW radicals who do such crazy things. But then you hear of a court sentencing a rape victim to six months in jail and 40 lashes, and a teacher who did nothing more than name a class mascot after Mohammed. It seems to me the "moderate Muslims" are either too afraid to speak out or they agree with the radical ones. I'm just sick of the whole Muslim religion - it's a religion of hate and prejudice and injustice.

Joan said...

Carol, it is my understanding that the CLASS named the bear by vote -- and the teacher ALLOWED them to choose the name -- and that the majority of the class is composed of Muslim children.

nemo said...

So my question then would be why are the CHILDREN not getting any flack over this?
So silly really... they could have had such a high vote for the name because most of the kids dad's are called that for all we know... who says it had anything to do with the prophet? What on earth is going on in their minds really?! Unbelievable!