Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sunday Seven - 33rd Edition

What a wonderful week of R&R this has been! Our school system has been on "Fall Break", and I have slept late, read blogs, spent some time with my DH and my Mother, had the opportunity to make 2-hour trip to our daughter's house to see her children play ball and hear them sing in church.

Here are just 7 of the things I am thankful for this first weekend of October.

1. The teacher that I am subbing for will be out only 4 more weeks! Her baby is doing well, she's doing well, and she's due back at work on November 4. I have learned to love these students and have enjoyed teaching them; but I am tired and ready to have some leisure time.

2. I am not famous! (See my last 2 posts -- the one about the couple our lovely MSM likes to call "Brangelina" and the one about my famous names.) Since I am not famous, I can go to Kroger like I just did in my capris, t-shirt, and scruffy running shoes. I can just run the brush through my hair without even looking in the mirror, crank up the truck and head out. Nobody thinks I'm "losing my looks" -- actually nobody even notices whether I have come the store with or without my looks. My looks have been gone so long that the search was called off long ago. I've decided that they must be hanging out with the "real killer" of Nicole and Ron, who can't seem to be found in spite of OJ's constant search. BTW, who is going to take up the burden of that search if OJ ends up in jail for armed robbery? Oops, I wandered off topic there -- I must be losing my mind as well as my looks!

3. It is only 38 more days until our cruise! I am so looking forward to relaxing on the deck of that ship, seeing the beautiful turquoise water of the Caribbean again, and viewing the Pacific Ocean for the first time!

4. I managed to get a little housecleaning done while I was out of school this week. Oh my, did it need it! I also cooked a couple of decent meals. Now I don't feel like quite so much of a failure as a wife.

5. I have the opportunity to do some proofreading for my sister and her husband who are finishing up a great book about Bible Study Fellowship. I am thoroughly enjoying reading their work. It will be an excellent book. If you haven't read anything of theirs before, check out Gregg's newest, Miracle at Tenwik, which just came out last month. Click on the book jacket to find it at Amazon. Mother in the Middle, one of Deborah's best, is now out of print, but you can probably find it at

6. My mother is back from a 3-day spiritual retreat. I missed knowing that I could run over and see her any time -- although I sometimes go days or weeks without doing so, I always know I can. I did manage to talk to her on the phone once while she was gone.

7. God is good -- all the time!


Melli said...

GREAT list Joan! I am especially fond of #2 - I did read your post about Brangelina -- and I hate the media with a PASSION! But I LIKE Brangelina! I LIKE that they aren't afraid to go out in public like that... and I LIKE that they want to adopt disadvantaged children and give them more than they ever could have hoped for -- starting with love! I LIKE that they are not afraid to be who they are and to become who they want to be!

And I agree with #7 ... whole heartedly! Have a great 2ND week of October!

Lazy Daisy said...

Awww...look at you Miss Thing! You even sound more relaxed and destressed. Good for you girlfriend. I think you are a beautiful woman both inside and outside. I always enjoy your list. We are indeed blessed and yes, God is good all the time!

Jane said...

What a wonderful list. I will have to say I am jealous that you are going on a cruise....I love cruises but Warren is not that excited about them!
Zoe's name is two syllables. Her whole name, Zoe Sahar, sounds like music!

Oldqueen44 said...

Yea for # 1 and I love #2. People would get some good laughs if they kept track of what I went to the store in.
I can't find the SS for this week so I commented on this one.
Busy school days are almost over.