Thursday, October 04, 2007

Brad Pitt and and the Media Pit Bulls

I stood patiently in line awaiting my opportunity to pay for my foolish purchases at Walmart last night. Looking around to find mental stimulation and finding little to observe in the human activity around me, I let my eyes fall upon the magazine covers arranged for just that purpose along the walls of the funnel I entered.

I saw a picture of an attractive, but disheveled, set of parents walking along surrounded by littlekins of varying sizes and ages. The headline shouted, "IS BRAD PITT LOSING HIS LOOKS?" I looked again. Well, how about that? It was the ol' Pittster and his housemate of the last few years!

This was all I needed to get the brain-wheels turning. I mentally rewrote the headline: "HAS BRAD PITT FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING TO DO BESIDES GROOM HIMSELF AND PREEN IN THE MIRROR 24/7 ?" He actually looked very good in the photo -- he looked like he might live next door. He looked like he might have just mowed a lawn or fixed a toilet. He looked as if he might have prepared a meal or played ball with a child. He appeared to have let an hour pass without a shower and haircut. He might have taken a break from posing to actually live awhile.

What kind of shallow life do the mediahounds expect people to live if they think a person is "losing his looks" because his hair is unkempt, his clothes are wrinkled, or he's broken a sweat? Just wondering....

BTW: the pic shows them after they cleaned up a little.


Anonymous said...

I do not envy people like Pitt and Jolie. How hard must it be to live as if your looks are the ultimate measuring stick for your worth as a person? Because, even Brad Pitt will eventually "lose his looks." Since the preferred "looks" include youthful skin, hair and physique.

Joan, you must be a better person than me! I never buy those magazines, but almost always read the Enquirer-type headlines while I am in the line at the store. Which drives my children crazy. I guess it is just hard for me not to read what is in front of my eyes.

Love, Debi

Mike said...

I couldn't believe that Brad says that he's really into inner beauty. right?"