Saturday, August 04, 2007

I just got home from the annual Friends of the Library book sale. My mother called and asked me to go the public library with her for this sale. It was an interesting experience, as usual. Thousands of books and hundreds of shoppers filled the huge, heavily- stocked meeting room. Each shopper left carrying at least one large box full of books. We were there only about an hour and left with all we could carry for the long walk back down the hill to the car. I only bought a few books - cookbooks, classics, and a couple of paperback mysteries (each only a dime to fifty cents). Here's one book I bought for a quarter. My box was heavy from old issues of Real Simple Magazine and Southern Living Magazine at a dime apiece. I plan to go back when it is less crowded and take another look through the classics, the educational books section, the children’s books, and, of course, the mysteries.


Melli said...

THAT is such a good book! I read it a couple of years ago and it really makes you think about the way you might affect people in your day to day doings! I hope you enjoy it!

Lyn said...

Sounds like fun! said...

I love books too!! In fact Kelly works at the library and we always have a bunch of books everywhere in the house!!
All my grown children love to read,and some of the grandkids are reader too!!!

Even Nancy my special needs daughter can read the really easy books and likes to look at pictures. Kelly brings her home books all the time and she loves that!!