Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 53 for me - Favorite Blogs

13 of My Favorite Family Links -- Mostly Blogs
We have lots of family blogs in our family, so this one is a no-brainer. Maybe one week I will do one that includes no family blogs.
1. Ruthlace - My mother writes mostly family and personal memories, theology, and personal reflections of an inspirational nature.
2. The Median Sib - This sister writes educational articles, since she is a reading specialist. She also writes on other topics -- occasionally politics and sometimes news items of the day. She hosts the meme Sunday Seven, along with me and another sister. She also owns and operates the meme Thursday Thirteen along with my sister, Beth.
3. Alone on a Limb - Also a teacher, my brother writes about education (especially environmental education and children's literature) and politics. He often posts his great photography, too.
4. Blue Star Chronicles - Beth writes mostly political and military posts. Her blog is in the top 30 of the TLB system, and she posts several times most days. Beth co-owns and operates Thursday Thirteen with Carol in addition to co-hosting Sunday Seven.
5. Sleepless Juggler - Our daughter is also a teacher mother of young children, so her posts are usually on topics of education, children and her family. She is taking a "sabbatical" right now to get the new school year started off right.
6. Into Africa - My sweet niece is also a teacher. She just began her second year as a missionary teacher in Tenwek, Africa, and writes about her work and ministry there. She also posts some great wildlife pictures of the African animals.
7. Reasoned Audacity - My niece works in government and politics and makes frequent TV appearances to debate topics related to family, morals, and politics. Her husband writes about business. They co-author this blog, so it has lots of variety.
8. CWA - My sister, Jan, is a senior fellow at the Beverly LaHaye Institute, the think-tank for Concerned Women for America. She writes and speaks as an expert against sex-trafficking, against abuse of women, and promoting religious freedom -- among other topics.
9. Cozy Reader My cousin, Jane, authors this blog which serves, like mine, as a sort of journal, detailing events in her life as well as topics of general interest such as news items, church policy and doctrine, the occasional meme, and commentary on issues of interest to her.
10. A Few Minutes with Andy - My cousin, Andy, and his wife work with Campus Crusade for Christ. Andy writes inspiration pieces, gives information on their work with CC, and often posts stories and pictures of their three adorable little boys.
11. - 13. Other nieces' and nephews' blogs - Amanda's, Lillian's, Brannons, Johnny's, Josh's -- and my son's blog -- all mostly irregular at this time. I keep losing the addresses and can't seem to keep up with them.


WhatWorksForMom said...

You'll definitely be scoring points with the fam with this list!

Lori said...

You should check mine out some time:) Happy TT.

beth said...

Hey! Thanks for the linkie luv :) Great choices, of course I probably have a vested interest in that opinion :)

Luka said...

wow, great list! I wish i could get my brothers to blog. That would be great! :-) Happy TT'ing!

damozel said...

That's an erudite family you have there...and very net savvy. I'm personally very grateful for the T13 meme, which allows people to post on a great variety of topics.

Great post; thanks!

Nicholas said...

Thanks for the interesting list. I'll have to check some of those out.

kat said...

Great list! Happy TT! :)

Jane said...

Thanks so much for the nod! I really appreciate it.