Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 50 for me

Thirteen Pictures of Our Grandchildren -- Happy Memories

JED's first Christmas! All the children love to arrange this nativity scene we bought in Jerusalem. 2003

Gathered in Granddaddy's office before church. 2003

"The Boys" (cousins) enjoy some time together. Doc and JED don't get together as often as they'd like. 2003

"The Girls" love to pose. 2003

All 6 of them at Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta. They just finished riding the tour boat.

Feeding the ducks is always fun. This time it was at Hunter Park in Douglasville, GA.

The birthday girls usually share a birthday party. There is only 12 months and 3 weeks between their dates of birth. They celebrated in 2003 on their Daddy's birthday.

Aggie and I enjoy walking around this lake, one of several in our community of Garden Lakes in Rome, GA.

Christmas hugs are abundant with these kids. This is big sister Nat with little brother JED

All six children pose for the camera in a hotel room before we go to the memorial service for their great-grandmother in KY. 2004

Bre, Nat, and JED show off some of their art work. They did these paintings while visiting at our house.

Zoo Atlanta has been one of our favorite places to visit together many times. This photo shows our oldest grandchild, Rae, with our youngest grandchild, Jed, who are cousins.

We have vacationed at Mexico Beach, Florida, many times. In July of 2006, we did a beach photoshoot and got this one.

Halloween 2006 saw us enjoying Fifties Day at a church festival. Rae is wearing my old cheerleading dress; Doc is wearing one of his Dad's letter jackets; the other kids are also dressed in period and posing with a magnificent '56 Chevy.

Bowling is one activity of choice for these kids when we get together. Here Rae, Bre, and Jed pick out a ball.

We took these three to Lock and Dam Park in Rome, GA when they came to visit for a week. We had great fun walking in the woods and playing ball in the field. 2007

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