Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Thursday 13 - 100th Edition (My 49th)

In celebration of the 100th week of Thursday Thirteen, I am posting thirteen miscellaneous "things" about hundred that I found quickly by first straining my brain and then googling the word.
1....Students quickly become accustomed to equating "making a hundred" with "achieving perfection."
2....If you need instruction in how to round numbers to the nearest hundred, here are some interactive instructions and practice.
3....A hundred is a geographic division used in England, Denmark, South Australia and some parts of the USA, Germany, Sweden (and today's Finland) and Norway, which historically was used to divide a larger region into smaller administrative units.
4....An independent, award-winning Buddhist-oriented occasional journal that features articles, profiles, reviews, and humor can be found at Hundred, 'There may be more to learn from climbing the same mountain a hundred times than from climbing a hundred different mountains' ~ richard nelson
5....If you have forgotten what you learned in school about the Hundred Years War, here is Bartleby's summary.
6....Hundred Years War is also a website at which persons relive the adventure and romance of fourteenth-century Europe in a simulation game. The Hundred Years War (HYW) combines role-playing, strategy, diplomacy, and teamwork into an unforgettable multi-player experience.
7....A Hundred Monkeys is a branding company with a knack for coming up with names that are provocative and human. They say, "As naming consultants, we help you think about how you are different, and what that means for your positioning and branding. Then we help you find the best way to live in the hearts and minds of your customers."
9....17Hundred90 is a restaurant in Savannah, GA. Although perhaps not as well known as Paula Deen's Lady and Sons, 17Hundred90 has been a gourmet tradition in Savannah for over a century and has been acclaimed as "the most elegant restaurant in Savannah" by Gourmet Magazine.
10....The Marching Hundred is the name of the Indiana University marching band.
11....The Hundredth Day of School has become a regularly scheduled celebration in schools throughout the United States. I had never heard of anyone taking notice of the occasion when I celebrated it with my Math students in 1988. Maybe I started something! Here's one of a number of websites with suggested school activities to mark the hundredth day of the school year.
12....We all know about the Hundred Acre Woods where Winnie the Pooh lived. The link in the previous sentence will give you some info if you've been living on another planet for the last hundred years!
13....The Hundred House Hotel near Telford, Shropshire is a member of the Great Inns of Britain .
And finally -- ta da!!!!!!! the biggest 100 of them all!!! the 100th Thursday Thirteen!!!!

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