Friday, July 27, 2007

The artwork below was created by one of our granddaughters when she was in kindergarten. Her pilgrim was displayed in the hallway outside her classroom along with the paragraph she wrote in computer lab about it.

As I was sorting my computer photo files this week I saw this photo as a reminder that school is about ready to get started again. The teachers in our local school system began their preplanning for the school year this past Wednesday. The students here will begin next Wednesday.
I have agreed to substitue for a young teacher at our Middle School whose second baby is due tomorrow. She plans to take from 6-12 weeks maternity leave. She has begun pre-planning and expects to work right up until she goes into labor; so I don’t know whether I will start back to work Monday and have a couple of days of preplanning or whether she will make it through the first few days of school before I take over. I have attended some of preplanning and have met with this lovely expectant mother several times to do some joint planning; but as of right now I am just “on hold.”

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Lyn said...

Oh, I loved that little pilgrim and the "story" N wrote about her! That pic brings back sweet memories. You'll do great as a long-term sub! The teacher is fortunate to have such a qualified sub!!