Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 46 for me. Hoag, Perry, Evanovich, DeMille, and Gardner

Thirteen Interesting Quotes
I noted a few interesting word choices from the most recent 5 novels I have read. Perhaps you will find them interesting as well. ( Hoag, Perry, Evanovich, DeMille, Gardner )

1…. "What happens to people when they become bitter, and why do we not turn to each other and help? We all walk a common path from cradle to grave, just stumble over different stones in it, trip in different holes, and drown in different puddles." ....Anne Perry in A Christmas Guest

2... "I was trying to put the incident on hold until my brain could take the stand and show just cause for my little tantrum." .... Nelson DeMille in Nightfall

3... "Lies are like cockroaches. If you see one, there are others." ....Nelson DeMille in Nightfall

4... "The Feds can't find themselves in a mirror." ....Nelson DeMille in Nightfall

5... "The Federal government, and all its employees, are very sensitive to the rights and feelings of all minorities, recent immigrants, native Americans, puppy dogs, forrests, and endangered species of slime mold. I, on the other hand, lack this sensitivity, and my level of progressive thinking is stuck somewhere around the time when police regulations were rewritten to prohibit beating confessions out of suspects." ....Nelson DeMille in Nightfall

6... "Washington and the news media chose to see each and every terrorist attack as a single event with little or no connection; whereas any imbecile or a politician, if he thought about it long enough, could see a pattern." ....Nelson DeMille in Nightfall

7... " It was an outrageous house, a birthday cake in a showcase filled with bran muffins." ....Janet Evanovich in Back to the Bedroom

8... "educate the ignorant and subdue the arrogant to end office problems." ....from a newspaper article - I didn't get any more specific information on this one.

9... "Sooner or later even the most stoic survivors turn to sugar for solace. It's simply a way of life." ....Lisa Gardner in The Third Victim

10... "He always figured God made her short because if she had the size of Janet Reno, she'd take over the world." ....Lisa Gardner in The Third Victim

11... "The sofa should have seen the back door of Goodwill years ago." ....Tami Hoag in Dust to Dust

12... "Don't we all harbour guilt for something? We carry it around our whole lives like ballast. Something to weigh us down and keep us from reaching for true happiness. It reminds us we're not worthy, gives us an excuse to underachieve." ....Tami Hoag in Dust to Dust

13... "a thousand-yard stare" ....Tami Hoag in Dust to Dust

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