Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 38 - 13-Letter Words

Thirteen 13-Letter Words I Like

The English language contains many more 13-letter words than one would expect. Since our alphabet only contains 26 letters, a word containing half as many would have to be considered quite a long word.

Down to the nitty-gritty: I'll start with the obvious.

1…. Schoolteacher - Of course, I have to include this one!
2.... Grandchildren - How could I NOT include my 6 favorite blogging topics?

3-6.... Thirteen-letter words to describe people I admire: conscientious - tenderhearted - perspicacious

7-8.... Thirteen-letter character qualities I appreciate: Wholesomeness - Individuality

9-11.... Three 13-letter words having to do with Relationships: Communication -Companionship

12.... One of my favorite phenomena of nature: Thunderstorms

13.... And finally, a word to tell what I'd like to use to describe the social issues being discussed among lawmakers today: Depoliticized


There were so many great possibilities for this post, it was necessary to reject some really super ones. My grandchildren helped me count letters in words while we were on vacation together this past weekend, and they really wanted me to include Cheeseburgers. I had to resist using Sexagenarians since my DH and I fit that description. And I sadly rejected Brainchildren because I would need to write a long explanation for how I feel about some of my former students. Four 13-letter words I rejected as frivolous even though I love the way they roll off the tongue: Woolgathering - Chuckleheaded - Sagaciousness - Splendiferous

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Leah Caluya said...

thank you for posting these few words.
im doing a little search on 13 letter words.
Im going to put it in a book and MAYBE publish it..*I dont know.
but thank you for posting this you added a few to my list.