Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sunday Seven 13th Edition

What a week this has been! The weather has been as varied as a menopausal woman's moods! Nature in our neighborhood has been as colorful as an old-fashioned patchwork quilt. My activity level has fluctuated from almost comatose to frenetic. What a difference 7 days makes!

1. Our house did not sell at auction. That seems like a negative (believe me, it FEELS like a negative too!), but I am trying to believe that we will get a really good real estate agent who will sell it for a better price now. Our old nemesis, Charliekins, has at least signed an easement that will allow the owner to get into the driveway without having to hassle with the crazy man. Maybe that will help. I'm not going to go into what we had to give up to finally get the e-word (see a previous post) to agree to that after nearly two years of wrangling.

2. My niece from New York is in town for the week. We are looking forward to visiting with her and a lot of the rest of the family tomorrow. My SIL is preparing a wonderful vegetarian meal for us all to share. B is in town to sing at a friend's wedding; she has a gorgeous voice. Her younger sister is also home this weekend from college; so the weekend will be especially nice.

3. I finished my last class to earn the Professional Learning Units needed to renew my teaching cerificate.

4. On the way to class Thursday morning, I saw a flock of geese on our street. We are across the road from the lake, so the geese don't usually make it into our yards and onto our street. I used the Sunday Seven header with the ducks because I was thinking of seeing the geese this week.

5. Along the same lines as the item listed above, We saw a young fawn beside the road coming home from a restaurant this week. I hope he/she made it across the road or retreated away from the road safely.

6. I have slept better for the last few nights. I have to admit that I miss the heavy dead-to-the-world sleeping I did when I was younger. I seldom sleep that soundly these days.

7. My DH and I did yard work together all day today. I mowed and he trimmed. I was more able than I expected to do strenuous work. I have had so little energy lately, I half expected to be unable to finish the job. I did have to come inside to rest midway through the mowing, but I went back out after about half an hour and finished up with no problem.

As usual, I am truly thankful for the opportunity to live this week in our beautiful world and in the company of the special family I have been given. I am going now to read about the blessings and activities of our fellow Sunday Seveners.

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