Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Imus, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton

Talk about a "tempest in a teapot"! How is it news that a radio show host who was hired to be outrageous has made an outrageous statement?

Norma at Collecting My Thoughts wrote

If I had to choose which (Imus or rappers) insults black women more to more people, it would be the black rappers. Black performers making millions from the white kids buying their music regularly demean and objectify black women, calling them stupid Hos. You can dress it up with bling, but it doesn't change the meaning...... African American "leaders" in the media or entertainment world who are acting holier than thou need to make a stop at a music store, or where that filth is sold.

Sharpton and Jackson, the self-appointed defenders and protectors of "blackness", fail to be offended by the daily demeaning of their race by black rappers and yet are outraged on a daily basis by any comment made by some "celebrity" who was hired to be outrageous. My impression is that they are not so much appalled and offended by these occurances as they are thrilled for the opportunity to grab the headlines once again and promote themselves to the public. Their comments magnify the situation and lead to further tension between the races.

I also read Carol's apt comments at The Median Sib:

Now it seems that he said something that was offensive to African Americans. So, of course, the usual perpetually outraged voices are raised in protest demanding that Imus be fired. While I agree that he was really stupid and crass in what he said, I wonder where all this politically correct censorship will end. ...... His remarks aren’t criminal and they don’t warrant his being fired. They only mark him as insensitive and stupid. And those aren’t necessarily bad personality traits for a radio host. There are lots of radio stations out there. If Imus offends you - turn the dial.

Apparently this guy, Imus, whom I have never heard, was hired to be outrageous and politically incorrect on the air. From what I have read, it is what he DOES. Yes, programs such as this are offensive and demeaning, but whatever they say is protected by freedom of speech in this country. Thankfully we also have freedom of hearing too. If folks didn't tune in to hear their foul commentary and persistent drivel, these radio hosts would have to find real jobs.

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