Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 34 - Green

Thirteen Green Favorites

Saint Patrick's Day is almost here; so this partly Irish girl (?) is posting 13 green favorites .

1…. The green eyes of my son and those of his daughter, Aggie. These two and myself are the only green-eyed members of our immediate family. My husband, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and the other 4 grandchildren all have blue eyes. (I have to admit that I love their eyes too; but this is St. Patrick's Day, so they play second chair this week.)

2.... The mixed greens in a good green salad: a little romaine, a little spinach, maybe some iceberg, sprinkle with a little almost-colorless viniagrette, and DELISH!

3.... The variegated greens of early Spring shrubbery with the darker mountainsides in the background. The dark forest green of hardy evergreens is interspersed with the almost-yellow and the kelly greens of the new growth on deciduous trees.

4.... Golf Greens: The potential represented by the green of the 1st hole and the sense of completion when the green of the 18th is reached with a good score.

5.... Good ol' greenbacks! The rattle of change is music, Honey; but it's hard to beat that foldin' money!

6.... That bottomless, serene turquoise green of the deep Caribbean as seen from a cruise ship! I am past ready to enjoy that again!

7.... The poetic imagery suggested by the dozens of words for green: forest, chartreuse, lime, seafoam, kelly, mist, aqua, turquoise, spring, camouflage, celery, shamrock, asparagus, pine green, jade, moss, hunter, celedon, emerald..........

8.... The green, green grass of home! As Dorothy repeated in The Wizard of Oz, "There's no place like home."

9.... The old Tom Jones song of the same name - The Green, Green Grass of Home

...Yes, they'll all come to meet me,

arms reaching, smiling sweetly....

10.... Racing's green flag signals the beginning of the race and represents new beginnings - always a good thing!

11.... The green traffic signal that tells drivers to go. That signal symbolizes an attitude in life - Charge right in there. Live. Dance. Go. The changing traffic light also teaches the life lesson that "for everything there is a season", "every dog has his day", and "good things come to those who wait."

12.... Kermit's lament that "It's not easy bein' green." We all have our crosses to bear - circumstances that we have to overcome to reach our goals. It is good to remember that those who seem to have escaped our particular limitations are probably wrestling with limitations of which we are unaware.

13.... Environmental issues often referred to as "Green" considerations ---in reference to the verdancy of nature. I'm glad that there is recognition of our responsibility to take care of creation.

**Update: I just read a hilarious Thursday Thirteen at Sleepless Juggler! This veteran teacher (also my beloved daughter) tells, in her inimitable humorous style, stories of her most embarrassing classroom moments. Check it out. She is a relatively new Thirteener.

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