Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 32 My Desk

Thirteen Items Gracing My Desktop

When I got home last night, I was not in any mood to do anything that required thinking, so I did not get my Thursday Thirteen done. I didn't even read email. I won't mention the embarrassingly early time that I went to bed. (Scroll down a couple of posts to see why I was "pressed" for rest.)

This morning I am still catching up from yesterday's "day off" from regular life. My Thursday Thirteen takes a cue from Lyn at Sleepless Juggler. I have never done the "what's on my desk" post; so here goes.

1. A couple of sections of the Atlanta Journal Constitution containing articles from the last couple of days that I plan to post about...

2. A shoebox almost filled with various scraps of paper with scribbled notes to remind me of cute things our grandchildren have said/done that I want to record "for posterity." Several years ago I started a document for each child in which I tried to record their cute childish (I mean that word in a good way!) comments. I have not done a good job of keeping their documents updated. In fact, if there were an olympic event for understating, that last sentence would win the gold medal. Some of these notes are as much as three years old!

3. The computer, printer, speakers, modem, and router, of course.

4. A box of Kleenex. There is a box within reach of anywhere I settle for any length of time. Allergies - bah, humbug!

5. A coaster. I go around with a water bottle or glass of iced tea all the time. I am a true American.

6. A dictionary. I tried putting it on the shelf behind the computer. I tried leaving it in a drawer. Those tactics are useless. I have to have a dictionary within arm's reach. I told you I am a word-nerd. True, is available, and I use it frequently; however, sometimes it is easier and more comfortable to grab the big ol' book and look it up.

7. A misaligned stack of various papers with printed emails I intend to peruse more carefully, recipes I have printed, and who knows what else.

8. A plastic file thingy with slots for papers. Of course I have few papers in it - they are in the previously mentioned misaligned stack to the left.

9. I do have other things in the plastic file thingy: photograph holders from various cruises. The photos are not in the folders; I just kept the folders because I thought they ought to be useful for something someday. Also in there are a few mailings that need to be kept and haven't been filed appropriately yet and a small, yellow plastic Best Buy sack with unneeded packaging left by the Geek Squad. Scratch that one. I just finally threw that one away! I know, I need therapy.

10. My current paperback book by Janet Evaovich. My reading style today will be: a page here, a page there.

11. The phone. Hubby is napping, so I brought the handset here so I can answer quickly if it rings.

12. A couple of ballpoint pens.

13. A 6" X 8" stuffed lobster. I thought about ending there and not giving an explanation for this one; but I couldn't do that to my legion of loyal readers. The lobster is a cleaning device for the screen of the monitor.

Whew! Happy Thursday!!

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