Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Seven 7th Edition

Seven Sunday Smiles:

1. We finally sold our house today. That joy is not totally pure. There is a long story here, and the price is WAY below the asking price, and we're taking a big loss on the house; but it is finally on its way to being off our hands and minds.
2. A big red alien bird flew into our atmosphere, entered the home of our evil neighbor, CC, took all his socks and underwear and permanently froze them. Then a fairy queen gave him the midas touch. Old CC thought his dreams had been answered; but he soon found that money is not everything! Oh, I forgot. That didn't really happen. I just dreamed this one! (I have long believed in Angels; now I know for certain that devils exist in our world too.)

3. We got to go to our three out-of-town grandchildren's ballgames yesterday. It was their opening day for the softball/baseball season. They started with a parade and opening ceremony. Nat played in the early morning COLD! Bri and Jed played later in the afternoon when it was a LITTLE bit warmer. The weather took an unexpected cold turn just when we had become accustomed to Spring-like weather. In spite of the chill, we had so much fun watching them play their first games!
4. Bri, Nat, and Jed came home with us after the games. The drive took over 3 hours instead of the usual 1 1/2 or 2 because of construction on I-75 out of Atlanta. The children were great in the car. We played every travel game known to man and made up a few new ones.

5. One of my nephews came home from college for Spring Break, and my sister and brother-in-law prepared lunch for all the family in town so that we could all visit for awhile today. We had a great time. The weather has warmed up quite a bit, so that the children could play outside. Even us old fogies got out and threw the football around some and shot a few baskets.

6. This week I finished two more of my technology classes to earn the credits toward renewing my teaching certificate.

7. My teenage nephew came over this afternoon and played with our 6 grandchildren. This outstanding soccer player taught the younger children a lot of soccer and played other games with them too. Jon is an exceptional human being! The younger children admire him so; and he treats them as if they are his age. What a blessing extended family can be!

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