Friday, March 02, 2007

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

I found an interesting blog yesterday, About ICL. (Apparently this blogger has several linked blogs and this is one that deals largely with memes.) Anyway, she asked for responses to the following questions.

1. How often do you shave your legs in the winter? (Guys, I'm expecting this to
be zero, but if it's not, don't hold back)
2. Do you make your bed every day?
3. Do you floss every day?
4. Do you eat something sweet every day?
5. What is the one routine thing you do every day that you wish you didn't have to or could do without?
6. Are routines important to you or do they drive you nuts?
7. Do you enjoy driving or is it just a necessity to you?
8. Do you make your lunch or buy it on most days?
9. If you could change one thing about your appearance what would it be?
10. Do you believe in spirits crossing over?
11. Do you love, like, tolerate, dislike or hate your job?
12. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?
13. Do you watch American Idol?

Since she had just visited my blog and made a comment, I thought I should/would respond. After I wrote a long response, I thought, “Hmmm, I should have just written that as a post.” So here it is, gussied up a little since company might be coming.

1. I shave my legs infrequently these days - the hair has become sparse as I've
gotten older, thank goodness; so a cursory shave every couple of weeks does it. In the winter, make that every month or two.
2. I make our bed about 200 days out of the year. My hubby makes it about 150 or so. (Whoever gets up last or goes back in the bedroom first.) It goes unmade occasionally.
3. I do not floss every day, in spite of what I tell the dentist. I do floss every year, does that count?
4. I eat something sweet most days - I have given up sweets for lent and miss them terribly.
5. I despise to cook, so you can guess my answer to the question about what daily routine I dislike most,
6. …although routines in general are important to me.
7. I like to drive except on multilane urban interstate highways.
8. My husband and I are both retired, so unfortunately I make lunch most days.
9. I would have fewer wrinkles if I could change something about my looks, especially these "marionette" lines from the corners of my mouth down to my chin.
10. I do not believe in spirits crossing over. I do, however, believe that the human spirit lives in the hearts and memories of those left behind and “cross over” in that sense.
11. I loved my job before I retired (I will rephrase that: I LOVED - still LOVE -teaching. I didn't always love the other parts of my job.)
12. That woodchuck would probably do like many people and chuck as little wood as he/she could get away with chucking (if that woodchuck could chuck wood, that is.)
13. Warning!!! Heresy to follow: I have never watched American Idol. I have surfed by it a time or two and lingered a minute before deciding that surely I could find something better to watch. Of course, the final chapter in that book is the firm pressing of the power button.
So there my friends, inquiring minds know! Feel free to give your answers in the comments or write your own post answering the questions -- just let me know so I can satisfy my inquiring mind.

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