Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Child Welfare System - Jim Wooten

Jim Wooten writes a thrice-weekly column for the @Issue section of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. He sometimes gives me food for thought. Consider this quote from a column this week.

We have pretended for an awful long time that protection of children is the primary concern of social policy. it really isn't -- and hasn't been for decades.

The primary concern is to sexually emancipate adults from respnsibility for children. Between a welfare system designed to devalue men by marrying women to government - except for the purposes of conception -- and a fanatical 30-year abortion war to enshrine the absurd premise that, for some months at least, a
woman is free to dispose of human life, no questions asked, the best interest of the child has been the least of policy concerns.

There is more in this opinion piece; but I thought these two paragraphs were worth repeating and mulling.

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