Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Hussein's Execution

I have read numerous blogposts as well as mainstream media reports of reaction to the execution of Saddam Hussein -- the extremes of which range from perplexing responses to almost insanely convoluted opinion. The entire situation is, at the very simplest level, a troubling moral dilemna. I have been mulling how to express my thoughts and feelings about the events of last night. Terrell, of Alone on a Limb said it about as well could be said. He says in part:

This meting out of justice should be done with dignity and solemnly. Democracies do not deal in revenge. They do not kill with joy. They hold every human life precious. Any blogger who taunts the dictator, his family, or his pathetic followers grants undeserved credence to the tyrant's accusations that his legitimate prosecution is actually persecution or revenge.

Go over and read this rational, humane, and thoughtful commentary on the execution.

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