Saturday, June 24, 2006

Guest Post

Today, to celebrate returning to the blogosphere, I am presenting a guest post by Rachael, our granddaughter. Here she is -----

Finally after a month!

Thursday my brother, Dow, and I came to stay with our grandparents while our Mom and Dad went out of town for their anniversary. We helped them finally get into their new house in Rome.

Yesterday we unpacked all day trying to get everything in place. We stored all the holiday decorations and other seldom-used stuff in the attic; and we took Dow to meet somebody on his team to go play basketball in Tennessee. Yesterday we also went to see Garfield 2. It was very funny! One funny part was when Garfield and Odie were in London, and Odie used the bathroom on the guard’s shoe. The guard started chasing them, and Garfield started yelling, “The British are coming! the British are coming!” If you’re ever bored and want to laugh I highly recommend seeing that movie.

Today we didn’t do a thing -- just enjoyed each other’s company. I spent a lot of time on the computer and made 3 power point slideshows. That was a lot of fun! It’s amazing how creative you can be with power point.

Well, I guess that’s it. Hopefully I’ll write guest posts for Gram more often!

Sincerely, Rachael

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