Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Word Creation Challenge Update

You may have already checked the links from the post on Sunday, May 7th, and read some of the entries in the Word Creation Challenge; however, I intend to post all entries here. Here are the new words and definitions already submitted:

Carol, of The Median Sib, offered these:

bivocal - The ability to talk and blog at the same time

sobnoxious - an adjective describing someone who cries so much it’s annoying

bamboobled - what happens when men are tricked as a result of being distracted by large-breasted women

debilicake - to be sick from eating too much pastry

KMyers made this descriptive entry.

Canticipation (n): a false premonition that one can't do something that one hasn't yet tried to do.

I have added two new creations of my own.

attrictive: (adj) used to describe a person who is good-looking as a result of plastic surgery, make-up, and other enhancements.

restraction: (N) anything that restricts or impedes action or activity. For example, "The removal of my big toenail has created quite a restraction."

Update 5/10/06 PM: TLC at Send Chocolate contributed:

awetism: when someone who is developmentally delayed says something profound or amazing.

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