Saturday, April 01, 2006

Cynthia McKinney - doesn't speak for GA

I seldom write political posts. I seldom write "celebrity" posts. Although today's post is about a politician who THINKS she's a celebrity, the post itself is neither political in nature nor does it celebrate celebrity.

I am a Georgian who is tired of being embarrassed by Cynthia McKinney. Why do they ALWAYS have to put the initials GA after her name on the TV screen?

Her most recent arrogant headline-grabbing stunt is just one example of her "service" to this state. Her absolute Hollywood-style arrogance in assuming that everyone surely recognizes the great Cynthia McKinney is astounding.

Does she have any idea how unimportant a simple congresswoman is? Apparently not.

Does she have any idea that all American citizens are expected to have appropriate identification when entering government buildings? Apparently not.

Does she have any idea that her own mother could hardly have recognized her this week if she hadn't seen her in awhile? Apparently not. (I didn't recognize her on the TV screen when I first saw the clips of this story, although I have, of course, been treated to hundreds of pics of her in the paper and on the screen throughout the years.)

The mental image most of us have of Cynthia McKinney is of a small woman with dark-colored braids tightly hugging her head. She is usually seen dressed in a conservative and dignified suit jacket. The big, important, and mighty CM of yesterday's news report was probably 40 pounds heavier with orangish flyaway hair, and she was wearing a flowered housefrau-style dress. How was anybody supposed to recognize her? (I cannot find a still shot of the hair as it looked in the video clip on TV. Did she color it again before the press conference?)

In addition, can you imagine the trouble the poor guard would have been in had he admitted someone without credentials to a government building and that person turned out to be a terrorist? If he did not recognize her, he was honor-bound and job-security-bound to refuse her admittance. She, on the other hand, was honor-bound and job-security-bound to meet the minimum of her responsibilities as a US congresswoman and a representative of the great state of GA. This would have required her to have her ID available, behave in a semi-respectable manner, and appreciate the fact that those charged with keeping us safe were on the job.

And I won't even get into the ridiculous fact that she is trying to pretend that this incident was racial in nature. I don't know how she manages to put one foot in front of the other while carrying around that huge race/gender chip she insists on hoisting to her shoulder whenever she ventures out!

We Georgians can only hope that the rest of the nation knows that the High and Mighty Cynthia doesn't speak for all of us!

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