Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cultural Literacy Sidenote

Since I wrote the post on Monday about cultural literacy and the Bible, I have started to read a novel entitled Invitation to Provence by Elizabeth Adler. It is a romance/mystery novel.

On page 12 I found this sentence: "Franny still wouldn't face up to it, but in her heart she knew that the writing was on the wall and she wondered whether it was better just to finish it right now and save her pride." (punctuation errors are not mine.)

I can't find the other example right now. Being the word-nerd that I am, I circled it in pencil when I read it; but I have thumbed through the book several times and can't spot my markings. Anyway, within the first 50 pages of the book, Franny's friend told her to be more selective in her male friends, that she deserved a salt of the Earth man.

I found it interesting that I saw two of these examples the day after writing that post.

update: a hour later than above: The second reference was on page 19. I also just read a few more pages (taking a break after 3 hours of packing this morning!) and found this one on page 207: "Of course, all life is redeemable; but he lived by the sword..." This figurative language is also based on a quotation from the Bible. (Matthew 26:52) There have also been several references to a wayward son in which the author used the term "prodigal son" (a reference to one of the parables told by Jesus to illustrate God's undying love for his children.)

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